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When it comes to picking out sessions with your photographer, everyone always wants an engagement session but most people don’t know what a bridal session is or why its even included on my session options! We’re here to talk about what bridal sessions are, why they’re so important, and why you should do one!

Oklahoma wedding photographer bridal session

What is a bridal session?

If you’re here looking for tips and tricks, you’re probably well into the wedding planning process. You’ve got the venue, the florist, and maybe even your dress! Now, I want you to take a moment to think about that dress. Think about how much you love it, how much you wish you could wear it more than once. Guess what? You can! That’s right bridal sessions are basically the perfect excuse for you to get to wear your dress before (or after!) your big day! We spend an hour focusing on you as a bride and photograph all of the details that make up your wedding look.

Why should I add a bridal session?

We all know that wedding days can get a little hectic. Hopefully you’ve hired an amazing Oklahoma wedding planner to help keep you on track, but even then… its a wedding day and things happen! I always make time for a few bridal portraits, but sometimes my brides still want more. As an Oklahoma bride myself, I absolutely plan on having bridals done! I want to have plenty of photos that I can *hopefully* show my granddaughters what I looked like as a bride! I know I will cherish the photos of myself on the actual day but I am realistic about the time we will be able to spend on them.

Next up, hair and makeup trials! We all know that wedding beauty looks can be a little tricky. Do you know the bride that thought she wanted an updo and then saw herself in photos and didn’t love the look… YOU DO NOT WANT THAT! Whether you’ve worn your hair this way for years or are trying out a Pinterest ‘do, I promise you will never regret seeing how everything looks together with your dress and in photos before the big day! This is just an extra level of assurance that you will feel your absolute best on *arguably* the most documented day of your life.

My most favorite reason will always be a chance to put on your dream dress again! Bride’s spend so much time picking out the perfect dress, why not take the opportunity to show it off again!

oklahoma bridal session at will rogers gardens

What are my options for a bridal session?

Now that I’ve convinced you, let’s talk about logistics! After I book a bridal session the first question is always, what if my dress gets dirty? As a wedding photographer the last thing I want you to have is a dirty dress! This means we probably won’t be venturing off into the wilderness before your big day but we’ve got lots of options! I know of several amazing photography studios in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa that provide a beautiful and clean option to ensure there is no speck of dirt even close to your most prized wedding possession.

If you’re a little more relaxed about having to potentially do some spot cleaning, I do have options that I feel safe enough suggesting and have had good luck with in the past. I also suggest getting a dress carrier for larger dresses to help make the spot to spot transition easier. If thats not a great option for you, I suggest a 2-3 person entourage to help carry the ballgowns 🙂

If you are still nervous about your dress not being in perfect condition before the big day, I have another option! We do the bridal session after the big day! These sessions give us a little more freedom with location and it also means your spouse can come along too. Sometimes this sessions are referred to as “day after” sessions but I don’t require that they happen the next day. Whether its 2 weeks later or on your anniversary, it is always fun to put the wedding attire back on for more photos!

This is also a perfect option for a couple having a winter wedding that doesn’t want to do a first look and still wants an evening wedding. This allows us to take a few portraits on the wedding day with artificial lighting but still get the beautiful natural light images that we all love at a session soon after!

Bridal Sessions are a Celebration

Bridal Session at the Baumberhof in Edmond Oklahoma

In the end, bridals session are a celebration. Whether it’s just you and your mom or a whole entourage, I want you to feel beautiful and loved. You’re only a bride once! Take the opportunities you have to enjoy this season. I’m only 4 months into engagement and I can attest, it has flown by! I can also promise that your fiancé will be so happy to have these photos of you. Though boudoir photos are a more common gift, what’s better than photos they can proudly display to everyone!

If you are interested in booking a bridal session with me or adding it on to your wedding package, let me know! I am always happy to celebrate you on more than one occasion!

If you are interested in booking me as your wedding photographer, please reach out via my contact page! I would be so honored to work with you!

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