Norman Senior Pictures at OU | Athena


Spring 2021 Senior Session at the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus

The 2021 University of Oklahoma Senior Picture Season has begun! It is always a highlight of my year when I get to help celebrate some incredible talented OU graduates! I met Athena thanks to Brides of Oklahoma! I interned there during the summer between my junior and senior years and worked there for a bit after I graduated from OU! I still get the privilege to do some shoots for them and that’s how I met Athena! When she came in to do headshots for the company, she let me know she had just been looking at my website! How fun! I was honored when she reached out to book a session and I loved getting to hear more about her intern experience during our time together!

Athena’s OU Senior session happened at the end of March before the trees had fully bloomed. Though we didn’t get a ton of greenery, we didn’t have to battle any crowds for the “must-have” spots! Which it comes to picking a time for your OU senior pictures, it helps to weigh the pros and cons of doing them in late march, early April, or late April! I’ll be writing a blog about that soon so stay tuned! A small note, 2021 was a bit odd thanks to the huge freeze we had in February!

One of my favorite things about Athena’s senior pictures was her outfit choices! She made sure to note that the polka dot dress is a style she loves, but never gets the chance to wear in her everyday life! My biggest suggestion for picking outfits for your senior pictures is to make sure your clothes feel like “you”! Athena did such a great joy and it shows with how much fun she had with her outfits! You can check out a handy Pinterest Board here to help give you some outfit inspiration for your senior session!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from Athena’s Norman Senior Pictures!

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