Fall Senior Session at OU | Megan W.


Fall Senior Session at OU for Megan W.

I am so excited to share another one of my favorite fall senior session at OU with someone near and dear to my heart! Megan is my GG-little, yes I know I just heavily dates myself but I have to brag on my Gamma Phi family lineage! Megan is graduated from the Price College of Business and headed off to Dallas to begin her career in consulting! Though I’m a few months late saying this, Megan, I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see what wonderful things you accomplish throughout your career!

If you’ve look through many of my other OU senior picture blogs you’ll know that I hold a special place in my heart for my seniors that graduate from Price. I absolutely adore shooting in front of that building! The regal and stately nature of the building and neutral tones are so fitting of my style!

Megan opted for 3 outfits for her OU senior session and I am so glad she did! Her first outfit was the cutest white dress you might have seen before on her Big (my g-little), Gabby! White dresses are always a classic and look perfect underneath the black down OU uses and doesn’t clash with the red OU stole or whatever color your sorority might be! I highly recommend at least one casual outfit during your session. This outfit is important to show off your individual style and many years down the road, your children will want to look at your senior pictures and probably make fun of you for said outfit choices! I think its a rite of passage and I am happy to help continue the tradition ;). If you’re looking for outfit inspiration for your senior session, check out this Pinterest board!

We wrapped up Megan Fall OU senior session at the stadium! Any loyal OU football fan deserves pictures in a jersey in front of OUM! The reflection pool was draining all last spring so I was thrilled when it came back to its glory this past fall! After a few regular photos we brought out the champagne, my favorite part, to wrap up our session! We always save the champagne for last because there’s no doubt you’ll end up a bit sticky once its over!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from Megan’s OU senior pictures!

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