How to Get Amazing Wedding Detail Photos

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Have you ever wondered how brides get amazing detail photos despite getting ready in hotels with yellow walls and beige carpet? I’m here to share my best tips and tricks on how to get amazing detail photos on your wedding day! Some of these mean communicating with your vendors others mean packing a box with your details! Keep scrolling for my favorite tips!

How to get amazing wedding detail pictures

Invitation Suite – Details on your Wedding Day

The #1 thing brides forget on their wedding day for detail photos, their invitation! Its also one of the details that means so much to brides later on! If you are a lover of paper goods like me then you will definitely want to pack your detail box a few days before your wedding to make sure you have all the items ready to go!

If you worked with a local initiation company, most of they time they will give you a special “keepsake” copy! This copy is perfect for photos and is usually a bit fancier than the invitation sent to your guests. If you ordered you invites online, don’t forget to order a few extra copies to save and photograph!

Another thing to keep in mind, envelopes! Envelopes are such a great way to fill out the space for photos! If you worked with a calligrapher, ask for a special “Bride & Groom” envelope that will look extra special for photos!

Personalized wedding hanger for brides

Personalized Hangers – Wedding Details

A huge trend in the wedding world is personalized hangers! This is such a great way to make sure your dress has a pretty place to hang and celebrate your new last name! There are lots of local Oklahoma vendors who provide these, one of my favorites is Wooden Hearts Boutique! If you are looking for the wire look, I highly recommend browsing on Etsy.

Wedding Detail Pictures

Wedding Dresses & Non-Personalized Hangers

If personalized hangers aren’t for you, there are still so many options! One of my favorites is this antique hanger from BHLDN! Unfortunately it is no longer available but great news for my brides, I have one you can use! I bring this with my styling kit for brides that request it πŸ™‚ If you aren’t my client, theres a good chance your photographer also has special hangers that are available for their brides! Just make sure to communicate well in advance of the wedding so they know what to pack in their kit.

As far as dresses go, have them ready and steamed when your photographer arrives! If you are doing a reveal with your bridesmaids, make sure to communicate that with your photographer so they don’t accidentally show your girls! We are always happy to accommodate your requests, we just have to know them first!

The Mrs. Box Detail Photos

Rings & Boxes – Best Wedding Detail Tips

We all know and love the velvet ring boxes that have taken over in the past few years! With brands like the Mrs. Box feeding our ever growing love of color, there are options for every bride! Not only do these boxes look amazing for detail photos, they are the perfect safe keeping spot for your ring whenever you take it off. If you aren’t willing to make the commitment to an expensive box you aren’t sure you’ll ever use, check out amazon for some cheaper options!

Also! No box, no problem πŸ™‚ I have some of the most popular colors in my styling kit for you to use or we can shoot without one! You make the rules here!

Groom Wedding Details
Bride Wedding Details

His & Hers Wedding Detail Photos

When it comes to details, the boys are usually left out! I’m here to remind you, their details are important too! Whether its just a tie and some shoes or if he has a custom knife, pilot wings, a watch, and of course, THE RING! I love shooting his details just as much as I love shooting hers!

Something to keep in mind when pulling your bridal details together, don’t forget the small stuff! Your garter, perfume, earrings, lipstick, and any sentimental details are always so wonderful to include in the setup!

Flower detail photos from wedding


This is where vendor communication comes in! Be sure to communicate with your photographer and florist about what time they will both arrive to set up or start detail photos! Your photographer will be so thrilled if your flowers are already on site and ready to photograph and your florist will love the extra content!

If you want bonus points, ask your florist for a few extra blooms for your photographer to use for styling! Flowers add such an elegant element to photos and will be very much worth the small cost!

Veil Detail Photos from wedding

Veil – Details Photos on your Wedding Day

Veils usually don’t get as much love as they should on the wedding day! Most brides only opt to wear their veil for the ceremony and a short time after for a few formal photos! A great way to make sure you highlight your veil is to use it during your detail photos! Have it steamed and waiting for your photographer when they arrive and I know they will be happy to use it to add an extra dreamy layer to your detail photos!

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I hope you loved these tips and tricks on how to get beautiful details photos on your wedding day! Want to know my #1 tip? If details photos are a priority for you, make sure you choose a photographer that has proven skills in flay lays and details! and don’t forget to clean your ring πŸ˜‰

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