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When it comes to the final days of wedding planning, I know it can get overwhelming! This is why I’ve created a wedding day check list to help with those last minute details that might get overlooked! This check list is made up of things I have seen done throughout my wedding career and my own wedding, but my biggest recommendation will always be to invest in a wedding planner who can made your dream day come to life!

I’ve broken down the check list into 3 main sections to cover details, emergency kit, and your day of bag!

Detail Check List

As a photographer, detail pictures are incredibly important to me! Over the years I have had more than a couple brides forget invites, perfume, ring boxes, etc. that they would have loved in their detail pictures but had to miss out on! When gathering your detail box for your photographer, please don’t forget any of the items you’d like included!

  • Two sets of your invitation – including addresses envelopes and return envelopes – photographers like to have options and you can’t ever have too many pieces to play with!
  • Wedding program – if you have a program, you’ll want to remember it! Include an extra copy in your detail box.
  • Ring Box or Jewelry Dish – whether you’ve opted for a custom ring box or a vintage ring dish, don’t forget to pass it off to your photographer! No worries if you didn’t purchase one, just communicate with your photographer beforehand to see if they have options they can bring for you.
  • Sentimental Details – this varies for every couple but they are so important! If you have any family heirlooms, items from your childhood or pieces that have been important throughout your relationship this is your time to include them!
  • Dress Hanger – If your dress is still hanging on a plastic hanger from the bridal store, its time to change it up! If a custom bridal hanger isn’t your style then let your photographer know so they can bring from one their kit or you can opt for a solid wood hanger! Anything is better than cheap plastic!
  • Dress, Shoes, Veil, Headpieces, Jewelry – you should already have these in your bag but don’t forget to pass them along to your photographer!

Emergency Kit Check List

I might be a 4 on the enneagram but I have strong 6 tendencies and won’t go anywhere without an emergency kit! Your wedding day shouldn’t be any different! Here are some things I usually keep on hand for any wedding I shoot and it doesn’t hurt to bring any of these along to your own wedding!

  • Pain Reliever, Tums, Feminine Products – we’ve all been there, the hangover. If you’ve had a night out the night before your wedding its very likely that you or someone is your party is going to need some pain relief! As for the others, you never know what the day will bring!
  • Makeup – even if you are having your makeup professionally done it never hurts to have some extra
  • Hair Products & Tools – if you have a hair dresser coming in, assign a bridesmaids the job of bringing some basic hair supplies for touch ups! It can get really windy in Oklahoma and its always a good ideas to have extras!
  • Snacks & Water – Yes, I know you probably have a bridal brunch planned… but you never know when that energy bar will come in handy!
  • Safety Pins & Mini Sewing Kit – you can buy them at the dollar tree and you’ll be so thankful you have it when your Groom’s best man pops his suit jacket button!
  • Scissors – a MUST have in the bridal suite! You never know how many things scissors are used for until you don’t have them!
  • Steamer – Your venue might have one… but it might not work! Assign a bridesmaid this item!
  • Phone Charger & Speaker – Keep the tunes going all morning long!

Day of Bag

  • Marriage License – unless you have already passed this off to your planner or officiant, keep it close by!
  • Rings – Bring your rings with you! Grooms often get to the venue much later and your photographer will need them as soon as they arrive
  • Comfy Shoes – I know you have the perfect pair of heels but I promise your feet are going to get tired! Break out those fuzzy slippers for getting ready and the dance floor!

I hope these lists help with your wedding day check list! Happy celebrating!

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