Teighlor | Senior 2017


Can I get a little whoo whoo for senior season being in full swing!! I know I’m excited! 

One of my favorite things about senior portraits is getting to walk around campus and get to know my clients. There are so many inspiring people right around me and all it takes is a few snaps to get to know them. I feel so honored to have this job!

Teighlor was such a joy to work with and handled the crazy Oklahoma wind with such grace. And as always, the University of Oklahoma never disappoints as a beautiful background! 

Here’s a new thing I am going to be starting in my weekly blog posts, TIPS! 

Tip #1: Outfits! 

The #1 question I get as a photographer is “What do I wear?”. My suggestion, whatever makes you feel like YOU.

There are however a few things to stray away: neon, close, busy patterns, and clothes that don’t make you feel comfortable in your own skin. In the end, choose outfits that you feel are flattering for your body type and if you have any questions, your photographer is always here to help 🙂 


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