Leah & Libby | Seniors 2017


Let’s talk about best friend goals. Leah & Libby brought tons of laughs, fun, and most importantly the cutest dog, Foster. Here’s to more sessions with your best friend and best pup on the best campus! 

I am celebrating photography this week by giving a little recap on why I love senior portraits. You only graduate a few times during your life and WOW you know you have worked hard for that day! All those sleepless nights and 15 page papers weren’t for nothing so why not celebrate the best four (or 5) years of your life with some rad pictures. These are the photos your mom will love, will make your grandma cry, and the things you’ll show your kids proving that you indeed, were cool back in the day. They don’t have to be posed and formal, they can be as fun, hip, and laid back as you want because GUESS WHAT, you’ve earned the right to celebrate this season of your life. To me photography is more about the #memories than the posing nonsense. Bring a friend, bring a dog, maybe a couple donuts and lets have a great time, guaranteed to include lots of fake laughs turned into real ones. Thats what I’m all about. 


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