Senior Photos at the University of Oklahoma | Amanda


When it comes to taking senior photos at the University of Oklahoma, I love when my seniors ask to go to new spots! Of course we always hit the usuals like to Bizzell Memorial Library, the North Oval, the infamous white stairs, and a few other OU classics but its so nice to venture out! Amanda is an incredibly smart chemical engineering major so I was thrilled when she requested to make the trek to the engineering quad and Sarkey’s!

Springtime at OU’s Norman campus is one of my favorite seasons because of all of the blooming trees! One of my favorite areas will forever be the Willow’s that are located just to the west of the Biz! The whimsical trees are such a fun backdrop that gives my seniors a less collegiate look that is perfect for LinkedIn Headshots, applications, and more! Though I always love a good OU background, they aren’t always the best for professional needs!

Another favorite spot that doesn’t scream OU is the white stairs! You’ll see these featured many times in my blog because it really is one of the best spots at OU for senior pictures! The lighting is amazing at almost any time of day, the white is clean and neutral so you can use the images for a variety of reasons, and I always love a location where posing is easy!

Amanda brought along her boyfriend, Zack, to help out and grab a few photos together! I am always a big fan of bringing a friend, boyfriend, or parent along for your senior session! It makes the transport of all the bags so much easier and getting the chance to talk some photos together is always super sweet!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from Amanda’s senior photos at the University of Oklahoma!

If you are interested in booking your own OU senior session please reach out via my contact form! I would be thrilled to work with you!

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