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Wheeler Ferris wheel Engagement Pictures in Downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I met up with Olivia & Grant last fall for their engagement session at Scissortail Park before we made our way to OKC’s own Wheeler District! Scissortail Park is a new park in downtown OKC and is a hot spot for an evening walk, concerts, and engagement pictures! This isn’t my first time to shoot at Scissortail and it definitely won’t be my last because of the stunning scenery and proximity to the OKC skyline.

After a tour of Scissortail, we made the 2 mile drive to the Wheeler district and the Wheeler Ferris wheel to finish out Olivia & Grant’s session! The Wheeler district in another favorite OKC engagement picture location because of its variety of backdrops and the activity element. If I have a couple that is extra nervous about being in front of the camera I’ll usually suggest starting at a location like wheeler because it gives the couple an activity to focus on versus pictures being the sole focus. Whether its playing lawn games, swinging in the hammocks, or a ride on the Ferris wheel it all creates an opportunity for my couples to connect with each other and let me capture genuine joy! After almost 8 years of being an engagement picture photographer in oklahoma, I can firmly say there is nothing better than capturing genuine emotion between my couples!

The weather for Olivia & Grant’s Farris Wheel Engagement Pictures was very cloudy and means some extra planning on my end! Though I’m very used to shooting in all weather conditions, especially in Oklahoma, its no secret that sunshine is my favorite! When the weather is overcast its very important for photographers to think critically about the placement of their clients and the light currently available. Cloudy weather means you can shoot in basically any direction but if the cloud cover become to think or if there is additional shadows thanks to buildings, trees, or other objects its important to place your clients in a way that won’t lead to overly shadowed faces! This is why picking a seasoned photographer is key to having great pictures in any weather!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from Olivia & Grant’s Ferris wheel Engagement Pictures in downtown OKC!

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