Depperschmidt Family | In Home


I have been working with Alli (+Jase a little later) since the beginning of my photography journey! I’m pretty sure she was my first real senior session, how crazy is that! I had the privilege of shooting their proposal and wedding in 2015, if you wanna talk about dreamy their day is it! They have a relationship that has such a strong foundation on Christ, it radiates love and joy every time I meet up with them! I am so thankful they gave me the chance to come into their (NEW and very beautiful!!) home in Stillwater, OK for a family in home session. My neutral color loving heart was in heaven! All the white walls with black fixtures and accents will have any modern design lover swooning. 

My favorite part of our time together was getting to see them interact with their sweet daughter, Lennox! She didn’t stop smiling the whole time we were shooting, talk about a dream baby! Plus she is absolutely beautiful! But lets be real, how could she not be with supermodels as parents? 

If you have thought about an in-home session but you aren’t sold, let this sell you on the idea! They are perfect if you are nervous about photos! You are already in your comfort zone + I promise to be just weird enough that you laugh a lot and don’t feel weird about yourselves. It’ll be a great time!

My booking for spring 2018 is now open with very limited availabilities! If you want to get on my calendar contact me soon! 

For now, enjoy Alli + Jase + Lennox! 

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