6 Tips for Your Senior Photos


With the fall weather setting in and Sooner football in full swing, senior picture season is here! I am so thrilled to be getting to know the Class of 2017 December Grads and the Class of 2018 High School seniors over the next couple months. To kick off this wonderful time of year I have put together my top 6 tips on how to make the most of your senior session. From choosing outfits and locations to perfecting that candid laugh, it can be a bit overwhelming but I hope with these tips you feel more prepared than ever!  

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My number one tip to get the most out of your senior pictures is to just be yourself! There seems to be this crazy amount of pressure put on girls thanks to social media but let me tell you something: DON’T LISTEN TO SOCIAL MEDIA. You are beautiful, smart, and perfectly yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I promise you will get the best, most Instagram worthy photos when you let your guard down, relax, and just be your R A D self. If you are most comfortable dancing around and being silly, lets do it! If you love a good Tyra Banks Smize and working those angles, I want to see it! Don’t be afraid to try new things but also remember who you are and don’t put pressure on yourself to be someone else. 


The #1 question I get asked is “What do I wear?” My answer? Whatever you want! Okay, maybe not your birthday suitbut I want you to wear what makes you feel like YOU. Take a look at your closet and pick out those staple items you couldn’t live without. Then ask yourself, “does this make me feel good”. If the answer is yes, we have winner! These photos are a representation of you and this season of your life so make sure your outfit choices reflect that. I do have a few notes of caution: try to pick items that will give you a little bit of shape. Sometimes free flowing dresses and peasant tops lead less flattering photos. Brighter, neon colors don’t photograph as well as more neutral ones such as grey, blue, and light pink but pick what is best for your skin tone. 

In the end, if you feel great thats what matters! 



Are you worried about being awkward? My solution? Bring a friend! I promise having someone along that you are comfortable and can joke with will make the shoot such a breeze. I do my best to crack a few jokes here and there but there is nothing like jokes between best friends to get those nervous jitters out, and a few laughing photos too! Bringing your perfect dog is also an option and highly encouraged! I love dogs more than almost everything making me more than happy to snap a few of you and your furry companion. If you do decide to bring a dog along, I do require a friend to hold them when they aren’t in the photos. 


If there is ever a time to invest in hair and makeup besides your wedding day, its for professional photos! When you feel like a million bucks your confidence soars and so does your ease in front of the lens. Tell your make up artist that you are having photos taken and they can easily add some extras that will keep your skin glowing and the natural oils away. If you are picky about who does your hair and makeup, do a trial run or go early in the day to make sure you are satisfied. 


Location is so important when it comes to senior photos, or any session really! If you are a college senior, campus is the perfect place to get started on your photos but don’t be afraid to hop off campus for part of your session. I am more than happy to suggest some of the best locations around the OKC Metro to take photos. The most important thing to consider when trying to choose a location is if it reflects your personal style and vision for your images. There is so much landscape variety in Oklahoma, we can find your dream location! 


Last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN! The time I have you in front of my camera, I want it to be relaxed, fun, and a celebration of all of your accomplishments. We’ll laugh, dance around, listen to some good music, and make some fantastic images that I hope you’ll show your kids someday. This season of life is so rare and special, I am honored to be able to capture it for you!  

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