The Big 18


Today is my birthday, FINALLY 18!! Being the youngest of my grade and my friends makes turning landmark ages a little bit more special. The past year has been one of the best. I graduated from high school, I decided to go to the best university, OU, my business has grown, and I went on the trip of a lifetime. Of course there is more to my year than that, heartbreak, rejection from colleges, a two week adventure at Quartz Mountain (actually I had a lot of adventures this year), and countless other things. I learned a lot to say the least. Here’s a little bit about what I learned this year and what I hope to learn this next year.


1. Heartbreak sucks. This is #1 because its a fact of life. It happens to everyone, some more frequently than others. It sucks but it teaches us a lot about not only the relationship we were in , but ourselves too. 

2. Having your own business at 17 is cool and all, but it’s hard work! Growing up means giving up social events for work events. I love every second of my photography, it’s my outlet because for some reason the singing gene skipped me, but sometime you just need to step back and enjoy your teenage years. 

3. Education is important but having passion is what you really need. 

4. I want to travel the world (Cliché, I know), but Paris was the trip of a lifetime and now I have the worst case of wanderlust.

5. Learning a second language is hard, especially if you choose a weird one that not many people in America know. 

6. At the end of the day, your family is always going to be the people you run to. 

7. People evolve (I don’t like the term “change”), and it isn’t a bad thing. We all need to grow. If we stay stagnant, we become boring and live unfulfilling lives.

8. You need adventure. You need community. You need art. They all tie in together, at least for me. 

9. Life doesn’t pause for anyone or anything. You might have a bad day but there are billions of people out there having a fantastic day so suck it up.

10. Your opinion probably doesn’t matter, neither does mine. The world is cruel. Be nice to people because it might be the only “nice” they hear all day. 

11. I can’t wait to go to college.

12. I miss high school (its only July). I don’t miss the class or the crowded halls, but I miss Friday night football and the 2013-2014 pom squad and my favorite coach, Jacqueline. 

13. I want to learn what its like to really help someone, and make a difference.

14. I want to be more spontaneous.

15. I want to have what it takes to be someone that is revered. 


Maybe it’s just 15 things that anyone could realize at any age, but in my 17th year of life this is what I discovered. I can’t wait to see what the big 18 has in store for me!

Here’s some of my favorite images that are part of my 17th year of life. 


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