OU Senior Pictures for Anna + Matthew


OU Senior Pictures for Couples

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from Anna + Matthew’s joint senior session from this past fall at the University of Oklahoma!

Putting this out into the world, I would love to do more joint senior lessons with couples in love! I had a blast this past fall getting to help celebrate Anna + Matthew’s (early) graduation from the University of Oklahoma! Both A + M are graduating from OU a semester early and blew me away with all of their accomplishments!

Its no secret that senior season is mainly in the spring, but I love any chance I get to pop onto campus during the fall! It was especially fun with these two! Thanks to some smart timing, we were able to hit all of the best spots in the morning and miraculously avoided any campus traffic from the morning commute! My preference is usually to begin my senior sessions one to two hours before sunset but sometimes when we are working with multiple seniors, a morning session is required! If you are interested in a morning senior session here are some things to note! Tuesdays and Thursdays are the busiest days on campus! Mondays and especially Fridays give us a quieter campus to work with! We will usually plan our start time just after the first class of the day begins. Either 8:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or 9am on Tuesday and Thursday to help us avoid the bulk of campus traffic. Knowing these tips can help tremendously with the flow of your session and making sure we are able to use all of the best spots without too much waiting!

If you are interested in booking your spring 2022 OU senior session, now is the time to reach out! I would love to help you celebrate this exciting season!

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